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The Desire of Ages


Over five billion of us live on this planet now and we're rapidly on our way to six billion. We're separated by a lot of differences: sex, race, religion, language, customs, and geography. But we also have some things in common. We breathe the same air. We all bleed the same red blood. We all need food and rest and shelter.

And - oh, yes, one other thing: we all want happiness. Happiness - an elusive, sort of nebulous something that everyone of us spends our whole lifetime pursuing.

Some of us try to find it in things. We think that if we could only be rich, we'd be happy. When you're rich, you have money. Money buys things. And things make us happy. Or do they?

Others of us try to find happiness in becoming well known, maybe even famous. If the masses adore us, surely then we'll be happy, right? Or maybe we look for happiness in being powerful and important, in plunging headlong into pleasure seeking and entertainment, or in trying to find someone else who can make us happy.

We want happiness. We desire it - all of us. Through all ages of history, we have desired it. But this inexpressible desire of all ages cannot be found in things, in fame, in power, in pleasure seeking. It can be found only in a Person. And you can probably guess who that Person is. This book is His story. And this book is the end of your search.

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