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We encourage you to start your reading with the little book Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White

You may find it beneficial to browse the table of contents of each online resource.  If you find that a particular chapter title catches your eye, don't worry about the order, the Holy Spirit knows what will bless you--read the chapter.

We trust and pray that since God has guided you to these pages you will find answers to your questions and the blessing He has reserved just for you.

Steps to Christ
The second most circulated religious book in the world (the first being the Bible). It has been printed in over 135 different languages. Encourages a deeper more fulfilling relationship with our Lord, Master and Creator.

The Desire of Ages
Described by a librarian in the Library of Congress as one the five best books ever written on the life of Jesus Christ. It was given the distinction of being the most spiritual in content thus providing the greatest spiritual blessing.

Christ Object Lessons
Discusses in great detail the meanings of the parables of Jesus and draws many useful life applications from the Biblical record of His teachings.

Mount of Blessings
A rich commentary on the greatest sermon ever preached.

The Ministry of Healing
Offers hope and comfort for the sick and distressed. It points to Christ, Our Great Physician, the One who is touched with the feeling of our infirmities.

The Great Controversy
Traces the prophecies of Jesus showing how some have been fulfilled, some are being fulfilled, and some are yet to come. A very rich Bible based commentary on end-time events.

Acts of the Apostles
Relates the gripping stories of the early church.

Patriarchs and Prophets and
Prophets and Kings
Makes vivid the lessons God would have us to learn from the early successes and failures of His first chosen people. These two books are not like any Bible expository you've ever read on the Old Testament.

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