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Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing


There are great preachers living today and some even greater from years gone by. Many have preached powerful sermons, but they have all brought to their sermons a human understanding of the divine. Faulty men attempting to share thoughts from the mind of an infinite and unsearchable God.

Can anyone preach with as much authority, as much power, or as much certainty as did the Greatest Preacher of them all, Jesus Christ?

If, but for a moment, you can catch a glimpse of the awesome spectacle, the Creator of heaven and earth condescended and came to this world and shared with humankind His thoughts.

He preached a sermon that, through almost 2,000 years of world history, still has the power to change a stony heart. The power to give the downtrodden hope. The power to succor the mournful and the scorned. Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount addressed the issues of life. The reasons we do what we do. The reason that, without His help, we will fall far short of the mark placing at risk our place in eternity .

Can you afford not to listen?

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