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Prophets and Kings


As time races toward A.D. 2,000, billions of us crowd and jostle each other on this aging planet. Yet only a few bear names known everywhere on the globe.

And over the full span of time on earth, only the names of a few endure to be recognized even today. Among those are the giants of history whose stories are vividly retold in this book: Soloman, Elijah, Daniel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah, among others.

Prophets and Kings is the second in a five-volume set of books that covers all of human history from the beginning of our time - and on into the future. This book begins with the reign of King Solomon and ends just prior to the first advent of Jesus Christ.

But don't expect to read here a record of history as perhaps you've read it in textbooks. And don't expect the recital of events as you hear of them on the evening network news.

For in this magnificent book, we see history as God sees it - not as a series of random and isolated events, but as the emergence of His master plan for this planet and those who live on it.

Prophets and Kings makes clear that above and beyond and behind everything that happens is the unseen hand of the President of the Universe the Creator of us all.

When so much happens that seems to make no sense, it's reassuring to discover that the President does indeed know what He's doing.

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