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Prophets and Kings

Table of Contents

1. Solomon
2. The Temple and Its Dedication
3. Pride of Prosperity
4. Result of Transgression
5. Solomon's Repentance
6. The Rending of the Kingdom
7. Jeroboam
8. National Apostasy
9. Elijah the Tishbite
10. The Voice of stern rebuke
11. Carmel
12. From Jezreel to Horeb
13. What Doest Thou Here?
14. In the Spirit and Power of Elias
15. Jehoshaphat
16. The Fall of the House of Ahab
17. The Call of Elisha
18. The Healing of the Waters
19. A Prophet of Peace
20. Naaman
21. Elisha's Closing Ministry
22. Nineveh, that Great City
23. The Assyrian Captivity
24. Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge
25. The Call of Isaiah
26. Behold Our  God
27. Ahaz
28. Hezekiah
29. The Ambassadors from Babylon
30. Deliverance from Assyria
31. Hope for the Heathen
32. Manasseh and Josiah
33. The Book of the Law
34. Jeremiah
35. Approaching Doom
36. The Last King of Judah
37. Carried Captive into Babylon
38. Light Though Dankness
39. In the Court of Babylon
40. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
41. The Fiery Furnace
42. True Greatness
43. The Unseen Watcher
44. In the Lions, Den
45. The Return of the Exiles
46. The Prophets of God, Helping Them
47. Joshua and the Angel
48. Not by Might, nor by Power
49. In the Days of Queen Esther
50. Ezra, the Priest and Scribe
51. A Spiritual Revival
52. A Man of Opportunities
53. The Builders on the Wall
54. A Rebuke Against Extortion
55. Heathen Plots
56. Instructed in the Law of God
57. Reformation
58. The Coming of a Deliverer
59. The House of Israel
60. Visions of Future Glory

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