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Online Bible studies covering various topics are found here.

Free Christian eBooks

Also download free unabridged (full length) ebooks by Ellen G. White. The collection covers the entire Bible from Eden lost to Eden restored. You'll glean new insights into God's plans and desires for His people and you'll develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and an better understanding of Scripture. 


Download FREE ebooks

Steps to Christ
The Desire of Ages
Acts of the Apostles
Patriarchs and Prophets
Prophets and Kings
Mount of Blessing
Christ Object Lessons
Ministry of Healing
Unlocking Revelation

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Download Microsoft Reader


The great thing about the Microsoft Reader is that you can search your ebooks for any word or group of words, set bookmarks, highlight text and even insert your own notes. Once you've downloaded and installed the free ebook reader adding books to your library is a snap--just click on a title and your new ebook will install automatically into your library.



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