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1. Who alone knows the secrets of the future? Isaiah 46:9,10 (Read Daniel 2)

2. Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the first world empire, had a remarkable dream neither he nor his wise men could interpret. After God's toyal servant, Daniel, and his companions, sought the Lord earnestly, what did God do? Daniel 2:19

3. What was Daniel's certain testimony before the heathen king? For whom is the dream most significant? Daniel 2:26 - 28

4. What had the king seen in the dream? By what means was the image broken in pieces? verses 31- 35

5. What did each metal represent? verses 36 -44

a. The head of gold? verses 37, 38
b. The breast and arms of silver? verse 39
c. The belly and thighs of brass? verse 39
d. Legs of iron? What would the iron kingdom do? verse 40
e. Feet and toes of iron and clay? verse
41 What happened to the iron kingdom of Rome? verse 42

6. What words of God have defeated the plans of every ruler who has tried to reunite the kingdoms of Europe into one again? verse 43

7. What does the Bible say will happen in the days of these kings? Can we depend on this prediction? verses 44, 45

8. What glorious event will mark the setting up of God's kingdom? Matthew 25:31; Revelation 11:15

9. God sent Jesus the first time to make it possible for me to be part of the next world empire. What must I do? John 3:16

My Decision: I am thankful that God's word about the history of nations has proven true. I believe the next world empire will be set up at the soon coming of Jesus. I want to be part of it by believing in and following Him.

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