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1. What did the disciples ask Jesus concerning His coming? Matthew 24:3

2. What did Jesus say would happen on earth? Matthew 24:6, 7

3. What did Jesus foretell concerning signs in the heavens? Matthew 24:29

4. What did Paul say concerning the condition of men in the last days? 2 Timothy 3:1-5

5. At the time when evil increases, what else will increase? Daniel 12:4

6. Even with all the knowledge that we have on earth, what will be the condition before Christ comes? Luke 21:25-28; Matthew 24:37-39

7. For what is Jesus waiting now? Matthew 24:14

8. When I see the signs fulfilling, what can I be certain about? Matthew 24:32 - 34

9. How certain is the prophecy concerning the coming of Christ? Matthew 24:35

10. Am I able to know the exact time of the coming of Christ? Matthew 24:36

11. What does Jesus want me to do? Matthew 24:44; Luke 21:28

12. How am I able to be ready? Acts 16:31

My Decision: I believe the signs show that Jesus is coming soon. I want to believe in Him as my Savior and be ready when He comes.

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