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1. What startling message is given in Revelation 14:7 concerning the time of the judgment? Revelation 14:7

2. When is the hour of God's judgment? Daniel 8:14

3. What picture had Daniel already seen in vision taking place in heaven? Daniel 7:9, 10, 13

4. However, when Daniel heard about the long period (2300,) it was too much. He fainted and became sick (8:27). When he couldn't understand, what did he do and how did God answer? Daniel 9:3, 21-23

5. What portion of the 2300 days was "determined" for the Jews? (What does "determined" mean?) Daniel 9:24

6. When did the angel say the 70 weeks were to begin? Daniel 9:25

7. From 457 B.C. to Whom was the 69 weeks to reach? Daniel 9:25

8. Immediately after His baptism, what did Christ proclaim? Mark 1:10, 14, 15

9. At the close of 483 years, in A.D. 27, 1 week or 7 years of the 490 yet remained. What was to be done in the midst of the last week of Jewish probation? Daniel 9:27

10. The 69 weeks ended in 27 A.D. When did the 70 weeks "determined" or "cut off" for the Jews end?

11. When did the 2300 day/ years end? Daniel 8:14

12. The next lesson describes the judgment. What earnest admonition is given by Paul? Acts 17:30, 31

My Decision: I understand that the judgment began in 1844. I want to "repent" and be ready.

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