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1. In addition to keeping the commandments of God, what does God's last true church have? Revelation 12:17

2. What is the testimony of Jesus? Revelation 19:10

3. At every major crisis period, what has God done? Amos 3:7; Hosea 12:13

4. When Jesus went to heaven He gave gifts of the Spirit to men. Is "prophets" one of them? Why were the gifts given? For how long? Ephesians 4:8,11-15

5. Who is included in the revival of the prophetic gift before the "great and terrible day of the Lord" (Christ's coming)? Joel 2:28, 29, 31

6. The Seventh-day Adventist Church keeps the commandments, including the Sabbath. Have they received the prophetic gift?

7. Although Christ warned of false prophets, what admonition is given? Matthew 24:24; 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

Four Tests Of A Prophet

8. What must a prophet's work be in agreement with? Isaiah 8:20

9. What is a second test of a true prophet? Jeremiah 28:9

10. What is the third Bible test of a true prophet? Matthew 7:20

11. Test No. 4: Who should a prophet's writings uplift? 1 John 4:2

12. What is the promised result of believing God's prophet? 2 Chronicles 20:20

My Decision: I believe that the scriptures clearly teach that one of the identifying marks of God's last church is the gift of prophecy. I wish to study the writings of E. G. White to see if they meet the test of scripture.

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